Make your wedding interesting by doing the following things

Here are a few things that you can do to make your wedding exciting and interesting:

·Ring pictures:

One of the important photos that you must take is a ring picture. Buy a newspaper on your wedding day and put your rings near the date and click a photo. It will help you remember the date in the coming years. This way you will remember the design of your rings and it would be unique as well because no one usually does it. If you have already decided the names of your children, then you can put the ring around it and make it memorable for them.

·Unique bouquets:

Another way in which you can make your wedding interesting is by having unique bouquets. You have seen it in a lot of movies that the bride is throwing the bouquet and the first girl who catches it is supposed to get married next. Well, this repeated scene is no getting boring. You should do something extra so that people can remember you in a unique way. For example, you can put some thorough and break the stereotypes. You can throw a flower ball instead of a regular bouquet. This will make the game exciting and there is a chance more people get involved in it too.

·Few but the best:

In my opinion, there is no reason to crowd up the hall by inviting so many people to your wedding. There are many people who are not even interested in your life and they came as to fulfill the formality. SO it is better to invite few people and keep it real with them. For example you can write some jokes about them on their reserve cards. This will show that you are including them in your ceremony and this way everyone can enjoy at their own level. However, this is not possible if you invite so many people as you won’t know what to write in their reserve cards.

·Next day:

Many people just only care about the wedding day. Once it’s over, it’s done. However, this is a common mistake that we all make. If you have the chance, you should plan the next day too. Try to hide a surprise gift for your partner and ask them to find it out. This will make the game interesting and it will also help to strengthen the bond between you two. You should try to go out and try to spend some time together.

·        Bobbleheads for memory:

Another way to make your wedding special is by the use of wedding bobbleheads on your cake. Bobbleheads are the cartoons that has your face and whose head can wobble. They look funny and interesting at the same time. After the party, you can place them in your house on a shelf to remind you about the dress you were wearing that day. You can give these as a gift to your friends on their wedding day too.



Career growth in wedding business – Interesting insights

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” By Abraham Lincoln. Everyone must have their own dreams to settle in future with a business or to work in a reputed organization with respective position at attractive packages. Work hard from early stages to reach different heights in the career and set mind to face the challenges and difficulty.

Finding the job is really the difficult task in current situation. Since the population is huge the job openings percentage is also decreased.  So many of them are still searching their better job and the engineering graduates are ready to passed out from college. The count of engineering college and the engineering graduates has been increased day by day and their career growth is a big question for them.

There are so many different jobs in all sectors but the IT jobs are considering as their dream job. Because the IT jobs have attractive salary packages and they can settle in life so quickly in short period of time. We cannot predict these types of jobs and the company is depend on the projects from abroad. As per source many IT companies are firing their employees due to not availability of the projects and the career path of those employees is really under hectic situations.

Many top most IT companies are still waiting for their projects and also, they stopped the recruitment. Some of them got their offer letter but they can’t able to join in that job. So, it’s time to think about perfect career move as per current trend.  There are so many jobs other than IT is waiting for you and it will enhance your skills and boost your career growth.

The wedding business is trending now and you can earn lot of money from the single marriage functions. The wedding is the most important thing in everyone life so the business will always give profit and not only the marriage function there are many other celebrations too. Mostly in marriage function they will spend money lavishly to celebrate it in grand manner. Thus, the advantage for us to settle up with any one big marriage. Think innovatively for all marriage function to impress the clients to move your business to next level.

If you are planning for the business then start design your own wedding cards and put money in business for printing and sell it online. Many peoples are preferring wedding cards online and they can print at best invitation printing in sivakasi at affordable rates. The wedding cards business is one of the most successful business with more profits in short period of time. If your design was impressed the people the customers will engage your site for more wedding cards for all the functions.

We have to spend more money in opening the wedding cards showroom instead of this create your own designs and enhance your creativity in cards and sell it online or to any wedding cards showrooms.